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Road Trip and Dry Forest Experience

Road Trip and Dry Forest Experience

9+ hrs

Explore the Guánica Dry Forest with us. Includes transportation.

Experiencia en Finca de Apicultura

Beekeeping Farm Experience

3 hrs

Bees: Beyond pollination, they are part of a great Natural Pharmacy. Learn the value in our lives and on the planet!

Recorrido Histórico en San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo History Walking Tour

3 hrs

Explore the Samaritan town of Puerto Rico. We will talk about its history, culture, and biodiversity.

Observación de Aves en Ceiba

Birdwatching in Ceiba

2 hrs

This experience is accessible: for wheelchairs, stroller users and others. It was created so that people with disabilities (functional diversity) can participate with their family and friends.

Ruta Bicicleta Adaptada Nivel Básico+

Basic+ Level Adapted Bicycle Route

1.5 hrs

Bicycle route experience adapted for people with disabilities (functional diversity).

Recorrido Histórico por la Ciudad de Bayamón

Bayamón History City Tour

3 hrs

Visit Bayamón City with us:
Know about its foundation, its illustrious people, its biodiversity and its architecture.

Recorrido en el Bosque de Vega Baja

Vega Baja Forest Tour

4 hrs

Discover the flora and fauna of the forest

Senderismo Interpretativo

Interpretive Hiking

2.5 hrs

Immerse Nature on an interpretive walk.

Arco y Flecha

Bow and Arrow

1 hr

Fun experience with family and friends.

Zona de Recuperación

Recovery Zone

.5 to 1 hrs

We create a space to connect with nature, while working on internal well-being.

Degustación de Café y Experiencia en Finca Cafetalera

Coffee Tasting & Farm Experience

4 hrs

This is a real hands-on experience on a coffee farm. You will have an active participation on the coffee process, from planting to tasting.

Recorrido Histórico en Viejo San Juan

Old San Juan History Walking Tour

3 hrs

Come and discover the World Heritage Site designated by UNESCO.

Jardín Botánico Río Piedras Walking Tour

Río Piedras Botanical Garden Walking Tour

3 hrs

Recharge batteries in nature!

Ruta Bicicleta Nivel Intermedio+

Intermediate+ Level Bicycle Route

1.5 hrs

Ride with us on an MTB-style bicycle through the forested trails of the Roosevelt Roads community in Ceiba, Puerto Rico.

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