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Focused on the well-being, education, and collaboration of tourism in Puerto Rico. Turismo Borincano’s purpose is to be able to contribute positively to the tourism sectors, supporting sustainable tourism within its three pillars: the economy, society, and the environment. Making known the different activities and tourist providers throughout the island, for the enjoyment of all.


As part of the collaboration initiative with other companies, through Mini Empresari, a workshop section has been created. Where financial planning for small businesses and the development of ideas for people interested in transforming both their personal and professional lives are worked on. Including workshops for children and adolescents.


  • Inspire trust in our visitors, visited communities and partners.

  • Collaborate in communities so that they can receive internal and international tourism.

  • Create tourist services and products that contribute positively:

    • To the movement of the economy of the destination; through the visit of internal tourists and the visit of foreign tourists.

    • To the value of society, their education, job creation, multicultural tolerance, elimination of poverty in the communities visited.

    • To the well-being of the environment; education of flora and fauna, protection of nature, the correct use of natural resources.

  • Empower communities with financial mentoring and idea development. Providing workshops accessible to different work tools.

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