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Requesting an Experience

Enjoy Turismo Borincano Experiences by requesting a private date.



Request transportation if you need it. You can also have your transportation and just book with us the experiences.


Let us know how you want to enjoy Puerto Rico

Answer a short form to let us know the number of people in your group and the number of days you will need our services. HERE



Write a message by WhatsApp at 1-787-921-6960

Call us to the same phone number.

Write us an email to

Payment Methods

Paypal, ATH Móvil, ACH

Considerate the following:

  1. It is necessary to complete a release of responsibility (waiver) before starting the tour.

  2. In the reservation you must report if you have allergies or existing health conditions and identify all the people who are in your group.

  3. Turismo Borincano will set a meeting point to the participants. You must be at the meeting point at the indicated time to complete the registration and to fill the release of responsibility. For security reasons, the meeting point is only shared with you after completing the reservation.

  4. Turismo Borincano talks about the history, the culture, the gastronomy, and the biodiversity of the visited destination. Our tours are to enrich your life with knowledge and experiences.

  5. If you select ATH Móvil as a payment method, at the time you click the submit button on the form, you will receive an email with a quote and instructions. Your reservation will only be accepted at the time we receive your payment transaction. Send the total amount of your reservation that appears on the document you will receive selecting the Pay a Business option.

  6. The use of sports and fresh clothing is recommended. Flexible. We do not recommend wearing high-heeled or elevated shoes. The surfaces we will be walking on could be uneven.

  7. Use mosquito repellent, natural or organic if possible.

  8. Use sunscreen, hat.

  9. Use closed shoes that can get dirty or wet. A pair with a good grip on the ground.

  10. Bring extra clothes and shoes to change. In case it rains, or you just want to change at the end of the tour.

  11. Bring a raincoat ('poncho', 'impermeable') for the rain.

  12. Bring a camera to capture your memories during your experience.

  13. Be enthusiastic to breathe fresh air and get to know La Isla del Encanto.

How does Turismo Borincano define Level of Difficulty?

Level 1: Easy | People of all ages can participate.

Level 2: Moderate | Requires moderate physical condition to walk through some inaccessible sections. Minors must always be under adult supervision.

Level 3: Difficult | Requires a good physical condition. The ground will probably be uneven, rocky, or slippery. Not recommended for underage participants (-21).

Level 4: Extreme | Requires participants to be in high physical condition. The ground will be uneven, rocky, or slippery. No minors are allowed to participate (-21).

Return Policy (extract)

The purchase of this service or product is final. No returns will be issued for this service or product.

Once purchased, tour tickets cannot be refunded or rescheduled. Our tours often sell out, and your space is guaranteed on the tour. We do not offer partial credit or rescheduling for partial attendance, no-shows, or late arrivals.

Our geographical location as a country is an area prone to atmospheric events such as rain, storms, and hurricanes. We evaluate the weather forecast to ensure the safety of our participants. Tours will not be canceled due to rain warnings.

We recommend bringing a raincoat or umbrella for outdoor events. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone any tour due to extreme weather events. In such event, you will be offered the option of a refund or credit towards the purchase of another tour.

If you have any questions during the purchase process or while using this page, you can write to us through WhatsApp at 1-787-921-6960.

Please include in the message:

Your Name

Name of the product or service purchased or to be purchased

Questions you may have

See more of our Return Policy in the section provided for Turismo Borincano, on its website

Privacy Policy (extract)

A confirmation of your purchase and the logistical information corresponding to the tour will be sent to you by email. The emails could be generated from one or two of the following:,,, or

Please verify your UPDATE, PROMOTIONS, JUNK or SPAM folders.

Also, you will receive information about the logistics and other issues related to the tour purchased to your phone number provided through the WhatsApp application. We will be contacting you from our number 1-787-921-6960.

For these reasons, you will be asked for your email, phone number, and other personal information at the time of purchase.

See more of our Privacy Policy in the section provided for Turismo Borincano, on its website

Terms and Conditions (extract)

On the day of the tour, you will be asked to sign a waiver. The waiver is important that you read it carefully and sign the document to participate in the tour.

We reserve the right of admission.

See more of our Terms and Conditions in the section provided for Turismo Borincano, on its website

Requesting an Experience
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